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stafd - Man Page

STorage Appliance Finder


stafd [Options...]


stafd is a system daemon that can be used to automatically locate and connect to NVMe-oF Discovery Controllers using mDNS service discovery. It can also be manually configured with stafd.conf(5) to connect to Discovery Controllers that cannot be located using mDNS.


The following options are understood:

-h,  --help

Print the help text and exit.


Print the version string and exit.

-fFILE, --conf-file=FILE

Specify a different configuration file than stafd.conf(5) (default: /etc/stas/stafd.conf).

-s,  --syslog

Send messages to syslog instead of stdout. Use this when running stafd as a daemon. (default: false).


Trace ON. (default: false)


Print D-Bus IDL to FILE and exit.

Exit Status

On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.


stafd is managed by systemd. The following operations are supported:

Table 1. 

$ systemctl start stafd
Start daemon.
$ systemctl stop stafd
Stop daemon. The SIGTERM signal is used to tell the daemon to stop.
$ systemctl restart stafd
Effectively a stop + start.
$ systemctl reload stafd
Reload configuration. This is done in real time without restarting the daemon. The SIGHUP signal is used to tell the daemon to reload its configuration file. Note that configuration parameters that affect connections (e.g. kato), will not apply to existing connections. Only connections established after the configuration was changed will utilize the new configuration parameters.


stafd use the GLib main loop. The GLib Python module provides several low-level building blocks that stafd requires. In addition, many Python modules "play nice" with GLib such as dasbus (D-Bus package) and pyudev (UDev package). GLib also provides additional components such as timers, signal handlers, and much more.

stafd connects to the avahi-daemon using D-Bus. The avahi-daemon, or simply Avahi, is an mDNS discovery service used for zero-configuration networking (zeroconf). stafd registers with Avahi to automatically locate Central Discovery Controllers (CDC) and Direct Discovery Controllers (DDC). When Avahi finds Discovery Controllers (DC), it notifies stafd which connects to the DC with the help of the libnvme library. Once a connection to a DC is established, stafd can retrieve the discovery log pages from that DC and cache them in memory.


stafd can automatically locate discovery controllers (DC) with the help of Avahi and connect to them. However, stafd can also operate in a non-automatic mode based on manually entered configuration. In other words, DCs can be entered in a configuration named /etc/stas/stafd.conf. This configuration file also provides additional parameters, such as log-level attributes used for debugging purposes.


The interface to stafd is D-Bus. This allows other programs, such as stafctl, to communicate with stafd. The D-Bus address is org.nvmexpress.staf.

See Also

stafd.conf(5), stafd.service(8), stafctl(1), org.nvmexpress.staf(5).

Referenced By

nvme-stas(7), stacctl(1), stacd(8), stacd.service(8), stafctl(1), stafd.conf(5), stafd.service(8), stas-config@.service(8), stas-config.target(8), sys.conf(5).

nvme-stas 2.3.1