sreplay man page

sreplay — replay a log file created with slog or sslogger


sreplay <filename>


sreplay allows users to replay sessions created with the sslogger utility.


sreplay <filename> Replays interactive session identified by filename

sreplay help:

Press the following keys during the sreplay session:
f or / Find a string (not implemented yet)
n or / Find the next match (not yet implemented)
r or ? Find backwards (not implemented yet)
b Back up 1 line
<enter> Display next line
<anykey> Display next char
q quit
+ or p Starts auto-replay

During playback:
+ Increase playback speed
- Decrease playback speed
<anykey> End auto-replay

Return Values

Non-zero on error



Default directory in which sessions are logged

Configuration Files

#To allow user2 to replay all session files, add user2 to the sloggers group
Configuration file for sslogger


$ sreplay <filename>
- Replays an interactive session log (may require user to be added to sloggers group, see (Configuration Files)


If you feel you have found a bug in slogger utility, please submit a bug report at


Limited free support is available via the slogger-users mailing list, see to subscribe or search the archives.


Edward Brand <>

See Also

slog(8) sreplay(8) sslogger(8) sudo(8), suders(8), su(2)

Referenced By

slog(8), sslogger(8), sslogger.conf(5), sslogger-slogd(8).

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