sqback - Man Page

send sagator's quarantined files back to mail queue


sqback [--help] [--to RCPT] quarantined_file1 [quarantined_files...]


This command can be used to deliver emails, quarantined by sagator. Sometimes sagator quarantines an email as virus or spam, which need to be delivered to it's recipient (or admin).



Display a short help text.

--to RCPT

Define one new recipient for this email. All other recipients from quarantined file will be replaced by this new recipient.


You can define one or more files to return back to mail queue.


Deliver an file quarantined as /tmp/quarantine/200412/qm-20041220-102448-0 in chroot set to /var/spool/vscan:

sqback /var/spool/vscan/tmp/quarantine/200412/qm-20041220-102448-0

Deliver same file to admin for analyze:

sqback --to admin@localhost /var/spool/vscan/tmp/quarantine/200412/qm-20041220-102448-0


Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj (at) salstar.sk>

See Also

sagator(8), sgscan(1), sgfilter(1)

Referenced By

sagator(8), sgfilter(1), sgscan(1).

December 20, 2004 version 0.1 SAGATOR