solis - Man Page

Driver for Brazilian Microsol SOLIS UPS equipment


This man page only documents the hardware-specific features of the solis driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8).

Supported Hardware

This driver has been tested with :

All Solis models are sinusoidal on-line.

In 2009, Schneider Electric acquired Microsol Technologies, and by 2012, the entire Microsol line of equipment was being sold under the APC brand.

Extra Arguments

This driver support the following extra optional settings in the ups.conf(5).

battext = n - (default = 0, no extra battery, where n = Ampere*hour )

prgshut = 1 - (default = 0, no programable shutdown )



The APC version of the Microsol protocol is slightly incompatible with the solis driver. As of version 0.62 of the solis driver, the driver will connect to the UPS, but some values are read incorrectly.


Silvino B. Magalhães <>

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The core driver


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The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:

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apcsmart(8), nutupsdrv(8).

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