smcd-ueid - Man Page


smcd-ueid ā€” Manage user defined EIDs

smcr-ueid ā€” Manage user defined EIDs


smcd [ OPTIONS ] ueid { show | add | del | flush | help }

smcr [ OPTIONS ] ueid { show | add | del | flush | help }


Use the smcd ueid and smcr ueid commands to manage user defined enterprise IDs (EIDs).

smcd,smcr ueid show

show all user defined EID entries

smcd,smcr ueid add [ueid]

add an entry with the specified EID

For [ueid], specify up to 32 uppercase alphabetic characters (A-Z), numerals (0-9), hyphens (-), and dots (.). The first character must be alphanumeric, and dots must not be consecutive. An invalid [ueid] is rejected.

smcd,smcr ueid del [ueid]

delete the specified user defined EID

smcd,smcr ueid flush

delete all user defined EIDs


1. Add a user defined EID
# smcd ueid add LOCATION-WEST

2. Show the user defined EIDs
# smcd ueid show

See Also

smcd(8), smcr(8)

Referenced By

smcd(8), smcr(8).

The man page smcr-ueid(8) is an alias of smcd-ueid(8).

January 2021 smc-tools Linux Programmer's Manual