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sm - Man Page

Jabber IM session manager

Examples (TL;DR)


sm [-h] [-c config] [-D]


sm provides instant messaging services to Jabber clients. It performs all the essential instant messaging services like rosters, presence tracking, message distribution and subscriptions, plus more advanced features.



Show summary of options.


Alternate configuration file to use. The compiled-in default is /etc/jabberd/sm.xml.


Print debugging output. You should configure jabberd with the --enable-debug switch to enable this.

See Also

jabberd(8) c2s(8) router(8) s2s(8)


Robert Norris <rob@cataclysm.cx>

Referenced By

c2s(8), jabberd(8), router(8), s2s(8).

28 August 2003 2.6.1 jabberd project