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sg_z_act_query - Man Page



sg_z_act_query [--activate] [--all] [--force] [--help] [--hex] [--inhex=FN] [--maxlen=LEN] [--num=ZS] [--other=ZDID] [--query] [--raw] [--verbose] [--version] [--zone=ID] DEVICE


Sends a SCSI ZONE ACTIVATE or ZONE QUERY command to the DEVICE. If the --activate option is not given, then a ZONE QUERY command is sent. These commands were added in the ZBC-2 draft revision 4 (zbc2r04.pdf).

Both of these commands have similar cdb_s and responses hence they are both placed in this utility. The difference is that only the ZONE ACTIVATE command will potentially activate or deactivate zones. Both commands will perform a "Verify activations operation" as defined in ZBC-2 .


Arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well.

-A,  --activate

sends a ZONE ACTIVATE command to the DEVICE. The default (i.e. without this option) is to send a ZONE QUERY command.

-a,  --all

sets the ALL field in the cdb.

-f,  --force

when decoding the response to this command, certain sanity checks are done and if they fail a message is sent to stderr and a non-zero exit status is set. If this option is given those sanity checks are bypassed.

-h,  --help

output the usage message then exit.

-H,  --hex

output the response in hexadecimal to stdout. When used once the whole response is output in ASCII hexadecimal with a leading address (starting at 0) on each line. When used twice each zone activation descriptor in the response is output separately in hexadecimal. When used thrice the whole response is output in hexadecimal with no leading address (on each line).
The output format when this option is given thrice is suitable for a later invocation with the --inhex=FN option.

-i,  --inhex=FN

where FN is a file name whose contents are assumed to be ASCII hexadecimal. If DEVICE is also given then DEVICE is ignored, a warning is issued and the utility continues, decoding the file named FN. See the "HEX, BINARY AND JSON FORMATS" section in the sg3_utils manpage for more information. If the --raw option is also given then the contents of FN are treated as binary.
By default it is assumed the response is from a ZONE QUERY command but that shouldn't matter because the response of the ZONE ACTIVATE and ZONE QUERY commands is of the same form.

-m,  --maxlen=LEN

where LEN is the (maximum) response length in bytes. It is placed in the cdb's "allocation length" field. If not given (or LEN is zero) then 8192 is used. The maximum allowed value of LEN is 1048576.
The draft standard disallows allocation lengths less than 64.

-n,  --num=ZS

where ZS is placed in the "Number of zones" field in the cdb. This option is usually ignored if the --all option is given. If the --all option is not given, the default value of this field is 1 .

-o,  --other=ZDID

where the ZDID value will be placed in the "Other zone domain ID" field of the cdb to be sent to the DEVICE.

-q,  --query

causes the ZONE QUERY command to be sent to the DEVICE. Since this is the default action, this option is typically not needed. If both this option and the --activate option are given, an error will be reported (and no command will be sent).

-r,  --raw

output response in binary (to stdout) unless the --inhex=FN option is also given. In that case the input file name (FN) is decoded as binary (and the output is _not_ in binary (but may be hex)).

-v,  --verbose

increase the level of verbosity, (i.e. debug output).

-V,  --version

print the version string and then exit.

-z,  --zone=ID

where ID is placed in the cdb's ZONE ID field. A zone id is a zone start logical block address (LBA). The default value is 0. ID is assumed to be in decimal unless prefixed with '0x' or has a trailing 'h' which indicate hexadecimal. The maximum value that can be given is 2^64 - 2. In the unlikely event of wanting to give 2^64 - 1, enter "-1".

Exit Status

The exit status of sg_z_act_query is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise see the sg3_utils(8) man page.


Written by Douglas Gilbert.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>.

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June 2023 sg3_utils-1.48