sg_read_block_limits man page

sg_read_block_limits — send SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command


sg_read_block_limits [--help] [--hex] [--raw]  [--readonly] [--verbose] [--version] DEVICE


Send a SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command to DEVICE and outputs the response. This command is defined for tape (drives) and its description is found in the SSC documents at .


Arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well.

-h, --help

output the usage message then exit.

-H, --hex

output response in hex (rather than decode it).

-r, --raw

output response in binary to stdout.

-R, --readonly

open DEVICE in read-only mode. The default is to open it in read-write mode.

-v, --verbose

increase the level of verbosity, (i.e. debug output).

-V, --version

print the version string and then exit.

Exit Status

The exit status of sg_read_block_limits is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise see the sg3_utils(8) man page.


It is usually okay to use no options. Here is an invocation (on the first line following the "#" command prompt) followed by some typical output:

  # sg_read_block_limits /dev/st0
Read Block Limits results:
       Minimum block size: 1 byte(s)
       Maximum block size: 16777215 byte(s), 16383 KB, 15 MB


Written by Douglas Gilbert.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>.

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