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sepolicy-manpage - Man Page

Generate a man page based on the installed SELinux Policy


sepolicy manpage [-w] [-h] [-p PATH ] [-r ROOTDIR ] [-a | -d ]


Use sepolicy manpage to generate manpages based on SELinux Policy.


-a,  --all

Generate Man Pages for All Domains

-d,  --domain

Generate a Man Page for the specified domain. (Supports multiple commands)

-h,  --help

Display help message

-o,  --os

Specify the name of the OS to be used in the man page (only affects HTML man pages)

-p,  --path

Specify the directory to store the created man pages. (Default to /tmp)

-r,  --root

Specify alternative root directory to generate man pages from. (Default to /)


Use file_contexts and policy.xml files from the specified root directory (the alternative root needs to include both files)

-w,  --web

Generate an additional HTML man pages for the specified domain(s)


Generate man pages for all available domains
# sepolicy manpage -a
Generate an HTML man page for domain alsa_t, setting the OS name to "My_distro"
# sepolicy manpage -o My_distro -d alsa_t -w


This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <dwalsh@redhat.com>

See Also

sepolicy(8), selinux(8)

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