sepolicy-interface - Man Page

Print interface information based on the installed SELinux Policy


sepolicy interface [-h] [-c] [-v] [-f FILE] [-a | -u | -l | -i INTERFACE [INTERFACE ... ]]


Use sepolicy interface to print information of interface macros between domains in SELinux policy modules, as used in Reference Policy. The information is based on installed on-disk representation of the SELinux Policy and it may be different from the policy which is currently loaded.


-a,  --list_admin

List all domains with admin interface

-c,  --compile

Test compile of interfaces

-h,  --help

Display help message

-i,  --interface

Interface(s) to be displayed

-l,  --list

List all interfaces

-u,  --list_user

List all domains with SELinux user role interface

-v,  --verbose

Display extended information about the interface including parameters and description if available.

-f,  --file

Interface file to be explored


Show description of given interface
# sepolicy interface -vi samba_rw_config
List interfaces in given interface file and show their description
# sepolicy interface -f my_policy.if -lv
Run compile test for all interfaces in given file
# sepolicy interface -f my_policy.if -lc


This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <>

See Also

sepolicy(8), selinux(8)

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