security_fake_certverify man page

security_fake_certverify ā€” A fake cert validation helper for Squid


security_fake_certverify [-d | --debug] [-h | --help]


Retrieves the SSL certificate error list from Squid and echo back without any change.


-h | --help

brief help message

-d | --debug

enable debug messages to stderr


This program and documentation was written by Christos Tsantilas <>


Questions on the usage of this program can be sent to the Squid Users mailing list <>

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports need to be made in English. See for details of what you need to include with your bug report.

Report bugs or bug fixes using

Report serious security bugs to Squid Bugs <>

Report ideas for new improvements to the Squid Developers mailing list <>

See Also

squid (8), GPL (7),

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The Squid Configuration Manual


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