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Amanda script to send email notifications


script-email is an Amanda script implementing the Script API. It should not be run by users directly. It sends a notification email to the addresses specified in the MAILTO property.


This section lists the properties that control script-email's functionality. See amanda-scripts(7) for information on the Script API, script configuration.


List of email addresses that will receive an email on command execution. It is a multi-valued property:

  property "MAILTO" "" "" ""


In this example, script-email is scheduled to be run before the DLE, on the server.  The unqualified email address amanda will be passed to the email system unchanged.  The script is then attached to a dumptype, which can then be specified for any DLEs which require notification.

 define script-tool pre-email {
   comment "email me before this DLE is backed up"
   plugin  "script-email"
   execute-on pre-dle-backup
   execute-where server
   property "mailto" "amanda"

 define dumptype user-tar-email {
   script "pre-email"

See Also

amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), amanda-client.conf(5), amanda-scripts(7)

The Amanda Wiki: :


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Referenced By

amanda(8), amanda-scripts(7).

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