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scomes - Man Page

tool for watching system resources


scomes -c "binary [binary arguments ...]" [timer]


scomes is a simple systemtap script for watching activity of one process. Syscalls count, userspace and kernelspace ticks, read and written bytes, transmitted and received bytes and polling syscalls are measured.


Binary file to be executed. This process will be watched.


Setting this option causes the script to print out statistic every N seconds. If not provided, the statistics are printed only when watched process terminates.

See Also

tuned(8) diskdevstat(8) netdevstat(8) varnetload(8) stap(1)


Written by Jan Hutař <jhutar@redhat.com>.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/.

Referenced By

diskdevstat(8), netdevstat(8), varnetload(8).

13 Jan 2011 Phil Knirsch Tool for watching system resources