rwhoisd - Man Page

Server for the RWhois Protocol


rwhoisd [-c ConfFile] [-rsdiVvq]


RWhoisd serves data using the RWhois protocol. The rwhoisd server will serve formatted records based on a query, send referral and see-also information, and change the server environment based on directives. The server is typically run as a standalone server, although it can be run from inetd(1).


Options given on the command line override equivalent options given in the rwhoisd configuration files.


The full path of the main rwhoisd configuration file. Default is "rwhoisd.conf" in the current working directory.


Become a root rwhois server. No referrals to a higher level of the tree are given if the server cannot find an answer to the query.


Attempt a chroot(2) upon startup.


Start up in "daemon mode".


Start up in "inetd mode".


Verbose.  Logging will occur at the "info" level.  See syslog.conf(4) for descriptions of the logging levels


Very Verbose.  Logging will occur at the "debug" level.


Quiet Mode.  Disable most logging.  Logging will occur at the "alert" level.

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18 March 1997