rwhois_indexer man page

rwhois_indexer — Indexer for RWhoisd using the MKDB format


rwhois_indexer [-c config_file] -C class_name -A auth_area_name [-i] [-v] files...

rwhois_indexer [-c config_file] [-C class_name] [-A auth_area_name] [-i] [-v] -s suffix


rwhois_indexer takes the raw text files and creates indexes based on the attribute definitions of the particular class defined within the rwhois dataset. It creates two files with the first being a list of text files that have been indexed. The second is a sorted list of all the attributes and their record offsets within their respective files. This sorting is accomplished by using sort(1).



The full path of the rwhois config file. Default is 'rwhois.conf'.


The class or schema name of the objects to be indexed.  This is required for indexing by file.  It acts as a resctrictor if indexing by suffix.


The authority area of the objects to be index.  This is required for indexing by file. It acts as a restrictor if indexing by suffix.


"verbose mode". Turns more verbose logging on


"quiet mode". Turns logging down.


Initialize.  This option will remove all current index files first.


Suffix mode. Indexes all files in all data directories (unless restricted by a -C or a -A option) ending in "suffix"

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18 Nov 1996