runc-restore - Man Page

restore a container from a previous checkpoint


runc restore [command options] <container-id>

Where "<container-id>" is the name for the instance of the container to be restored.


Restores the saved state of the container instance that was previously saved using the runc checkpoint command.


--image-path value           path to criu image files for restoring
--work-path value            path for saving work files and logs
--tcp-established            allow open tcp connections
--ext-unix-sk                allow external unix sockets
--shell-job                  allow shell jobs
--file-locks                 handle file locks, for safety
--manage-cgroups-mode value  cgroups mode: 'soft' (default), 'full' and 'strict'
--bundle value, -b value     path to the root of the bundle directory
--detach, -d                 detach from the container's process
--pid-file value             specify the file to write the process id to
--no-subreaper               disable the use of the subreaper used to reap reparented processes
--no-pivot                   do not use pivot root to jail process inside rootfs.  This should be used whenever the rootfs is on top of a ramdisk