runc-create - Man Page

create a container


runc create [command options] <container-id>

Where "<container-id>" is your name for the instance of the container that you are starting. The name you provide for the container instance must be unique on your host.


The create command creates an instance of a container for a bundle. The bundle is a directory with a specification file named "config.json" and a root filesystem.

The specification file includes an args parameter. The args parameter is used to specify command(s) that get run when the container is started. To change the command(s) that get executed on start, edit the args parameter of the spec. See "runc spec --help" for more explanation.


--bundle value, -b value  path to the root of the bundle directory, defaults to the current directory
--console-socket value    path to an AF_UNIX socket which will receive a file descriptor referencing the master end of the console's pseudoterminal
--pid-file value          specify the file to write the process id to
--no-pivot                do not use pivot root to jail process inside rootfs.  This should be used whenever the rootfs is on top of a ramdisk
--no-new-keyring          do not create a new session keyring for the container.  This will cause the container to inherit the calling processes session key
--preserve-fds value      Pass N additional file descriptors to the container (stdio + $LISTEN_FDS + N in total) (default: 0)