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rpm2cpio - Man Page

Extract cpio archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM) package.

Examples (TL;DR)


rpm2cpio [filename]


rpm2cpio converts the .rpm file specified as a single argument to a cpio archive on standard out. If a '-' argument is given, an rpm stream is read from standard in.

Note: the CPIO format cannot host individual files over 4GB in size, and so this tool is considered obsolete. Use rpm2archive instead.

rpm2cpio glint-1.0-1.i386.rpm | cpio -dium

cat glint-1.0-1.i386.rpm | rpm2cpio - | cpio -tv

See Also

rpm(8) rpm2archive(8)


Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>

Referenced By

rpm(8), rpm2archive(8), rpmbuild(8), rpmdb(8), rpmfile(1), rpmkeys(8), rpmpeek(1), rpmsign(8), rpmspec(8), unrpm(1).

11 January 2001