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rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit - Man Page

Plugin for the RPM Package Manager


This plugin for RPM prevents the system to enter shutdown, sleep or idle mode while there is a rpm transaction running to prevent system corruption that can occur if the transaction is interrupted by a reboot.

This is achieved by using the inhibit DBUS interface of systemd. The call is roughly equivalent to executing

systemd-inhibit --mode=block --what=idle:sleep:shutdown --who=RPM --why="Transaction running"

See systemd-inhibit(1) for the details of this mechanism.

It is strongly advised to have the plugin installed on all systemd based systems.


For the plugin to work systemd has to be used as init system and though the DBUS system bus must be available. If the plugin cannot access the interface it gives a warning but does not stop the transaction.


There are currently no options for this plugin in particular. See rpm-plugins(8) on how to control plugins in general.

See Also

systemd-inhibit(1), rpm(8), rpm-plugins(8)

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14 Apr 2016