rmail man page

rmail — handle remote mail received via uucp


rmail [-D domain] [-T] user ...


Rmail interprets incoming mail received via uucp(1), collapsing “From” lines in the form generated by mail.local(8) into a single line of the form “return-path!sender”, and passing the processed mail on to sendmail(8).

Rmail is explicitly designed for use with uucp and sendmail.


Use the specified domain instead of the default domain of “UUCP”.
Turn on debugging.

See Also

uucp(1), mail.local(8), sendmail(8)


The rmail program appeared in 4.2BSD.


Rmail should not reside in /bin.

Referenced By

Explore man page connections for rmail(8).

rmail.sendmail(8) is an alias of rmail(8).