rhel-push-plugin man page

rhel-push-plugin — Block Red Hat Enterprise Linux content being pushed to default registry


rhel-push-plugin [--cert-path=[=""]] [--host=[=unix:///var/run/docker.sock]] [--tls-verify=[=false]]


Red Hat subscription agreement prevents users from posting of Red Hat based content to public registries. This plugin looks at the base image of any container image that is being pushed to the default registry, docker.io, and blocks the push, if the content uses a RHEL base image. Users can push RHEL content to their own private registries.  You can modify the docker service to support private registies by using the --add-registry docker daemon flag.  You can add this to the docker daemon command or by adding it to the Options configuation in /etc/sysconfig/docker



Certificates path to connect to Docker (cert.pem, key.pem) --host="unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
 Specifies the host where to contact the docker daemon. --tls-verify="false"
 Whether to verify certificates or not


Antonio Murdaca  ⟨runcom@redhat.com⟩


Antonio Murdaca MARCH 2016