request-key man page

request-key ā€” handle key instantiation callback requests from the kernel


/sbin/request-key <op> <key> <uid> <gid> <threadring> <processring> <sessionring> [<info>]


This program is invoked by the kernel when the kernel is asked for a key that it doesn't have immediately available. The kernel creates a partially set up key and then calls out to this program to instantiate it. It is not intended to be called directly.


All errors will be logged to the syslog.


/etc/request-key.conf Instantiation handler configuration file.

/etc/request-key.d/<keytype>.conf Keytype specific configuration file.

See Also

keyctl(1), request-key.conf(5), keyrings(7)

Referenced By

cifs.idmap(8), cifs.upcall(8), keyctl(1), keyctl(2), keyctl_instantiate(3), keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring(3), key.dns_resolver(8), keyrings(7), keyutils(7), nfsidmap(8), request_key(2).

15 Nov 2011 Linux Key Management Utilities