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SBLIM metric repository daemon


reposd [argument]


The reposd program is a system daemon that maintains a temporary repository of raw performance metrics for various system components. Raw metric data is forwarded from a seperate collection daemon that is located either locally or remotely (see gatherd(8)). The calculation of usable metrics from raw data is performed via repository metric plugins. The repository communication port, location of plugin directory, and other controllable configuration options are described in the configuration file man page (see reposd.conf(5)).

The reposd daemon can be controlled at runtime by way of the reposctl(8) command. This provides the ability to query metric values or load and unload metric plugins online without the need to restart reposd.

The primary goal of the the sblim-gather package is to implement the DMTF's Base Metric Model (DSP1053). While, reposd, gatherd(8), and their plugins can be used standalone, the greatest benefit comes from using their CIM provider layer in conjuction with a CIM Object Manager (see cimserver(1)). For more information about CIM and the Base Metric Model refer to the Distrubuted Management Task Force (DMTF) at



reposd daemonizes by default. Passing any value on the command line will cause it to run in the terminal.



This file contains the daemon configuration settings. See reposd.conf(5) for more information.


The SBLIM project maintains a mailing list to which you should direct all questions regarding sfcb, sfcc, wbemcli, the metric data gatherer, or any of the SBLIM providers. To subscribe to this list visit:

Please report bugs you discover to the bug tracker. The SBLIM project bug tracking page can be found at:


Please refer to the AUTHORS file distributed with sblim-gather.


reposd is distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License ("Agreement"). Any use, reproduction or distribution of this program constitutes recipeients acceptance of the agreement.

You can obtain a current copy of the Eclipse Public License from

See Also

reposctl(8), reposd.conf(5), gatherd(8), cimserver(1)

Referenced By

gatherd(8), reposctl(8), reposd.conf(5), reposdump(1).

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