register-common-lisp-implementation - Man Page

internal clc commands


register-common-lisp-implementation implementation

unregister-common-lisp-implementation implementation

register-common-lisp-source source-package

unregister-common-lisp-source source-package

clc-update-customized-images source-package


These are internal common lisp controller commands. Common lisp source and implementation packages use them to register themselves to the common lisp controller or to cause regeneration of implementation images if they were selected to be present in such.


Bug reports should be sent to the debian BTS, preferably with reportbug.

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The Common Lisp in Debian Manual at


Peter Van Eynde (, Kevin M. Rosenberg ( and René van Bevern ( 2001-2006

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The man pages clc-update-customized-images(8), register-common-lisp-source(8), unregister-common-lisp-implementation(8) and unregister-common-lisp-source(8) are aliases of register-common-lisp-implementation(8).

June 5, 2002