recaplog - Man Page

Handles the logs generated by recap; compressing and/or deleting log files.


recaptool [-n|-v|-h|-V]


recaplog is a user-configurable script that runs periodically out of cron or systemd.timer to compress recap log files older than one day, and delete log files older than a configurable amount of days, recaplog will not produce output if a tty is not found, this is useful when running from cron.


-h,  --help

Print out the help.

-n,  --dry-run

Performs a dry run, implies verbose.

-v,  --verbose

Prints to stdout.

-V,  --version

Print version and exit.


These can be modified via the config file.


Enables(1) or disables(0) log compression. (default: 1)


Number of days held for the logs. (default: 15)


/etc/recap.conf - The configuration file.
/etc/cront.d/recap - The cronjob file.
/usr/lib/systemd/systemd/recaplog.{service,timer} - Unit files for recaplog.
/var/log/recap/recaplog.log - The recaplog file.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs and issues to be submitted via github <>.


The recap scripts are maintained by Rackspace, the list of contributors is available at

See Also

recap.conf(5), recap(8), crontab(5), systemd.timer(5)

Referenced By

recap(8), recap.conf(5).

Aug 18, 2017