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rc-service - Man Page

locate and run an OpenRC service with the given arguments

Examples (TL;DR)


rc-service[-c, --ifcrashed] service cmd [...]
rc-service-d, --debug service cmd [...]
rc-service-D, --nodeps service cmd [...]
rc-service[-i, --ifexists] service cmd [...]
rc-service[-I, --ifinactive] service cmd [...]
rc-service[-N, --ifnotstarted] service cmd [...]
rc-service[-s, --ifstarted] service cmd [...]
rc-service[-S, --ifstopped] service cmd [...]
rc-service-e, --exists service
rc-service-Z, --dry-run service cmd [...]
rc-service-l, --list
rc-service-r, --resolve service


Service scripts could be in different places on different systems. rc-service locates the specified service and runs it with the given arguments. If -i, --ifexists is given then rc-service returns 0 even if the service does not exist. If -I, --ifinactive or -N, --ifnotstarted is given then rc-service returns 0 if the service exists but is in the wrong state.

If given the -l, --list argument then rc-service will list all available services.

-e, --exists return 0 if it can find service, otherwise -1. -r, --resolve does the same and also prints the full path of the service to stdout.

-d, --debug sets -x when running the service script(s).

-D, --nodeps ignores dependencies when running the service.

-Z, --dry-run displays commands rather than executing them.

See Also

openrc(8), stdout(3)


Roy Marples <roy@marples.name>


May 1, 2009