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rbd-replay-many - Man Page

replay a rados block device (RBD) workload on several clients


rbd-replay-many [ options ] --original-image name host1 [ host2 [ ... ] ] -- rbd_replay_args


rbd-replay-many is a utility for replaying a rados block device (RBD) workload on several clients. Although all clients use the same workload, they replay against separate images. This matches normal use of librbd, where each original client is a VM with its own image.

Configuration and replay files are not automatically copied to clients. Replay images must already exist.


--original-image name

Specifies the name (and snap) of the originally traced image. Necessary for correct name mapping.

--image-prefix prefix

Prefix of image names to replay against. Specifying --image-prefix=foo results in clients replaying against foo-0, foo-1, etc. Defaults to the original image name.

--exec program

Path to the rbd-replay executable.

--delay seconds

Delay between starting each client.  Defaults to 0.


Typical usage:

rbd-replay-many host-0 host-1 --original-image=image -- -c ceph.conf replay.bin

This results in the following commands being executed:

ssh host-0 'rbd-replay' --map-image 'image=image-0' -c ceph.conf replay.bin
ssh host-1 'rbd-replay' --map-image 'image=image-1' -c ceph.conf replay.bin


rbd-replay-many is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at https://docs.ceph.com for more information.

See Also

rbd-replay(8), rbd(8)


May 21, 2024 dev Ceph