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radsqlrelay - Man Page

relay SQL queries to a central database server


radsqlrelay [-?] [-d sql_driver] [-b database] [-f file] [-h host] [-u user] [-P port] [-p password] [-1] [-x] file_path


radsqlrelay tails a SQL logfile and forwards the queries to a database server. Used to replicate accounting records to one (central) database, even if the database has extended downtime.

The SQL logfile is created by the rlm_sql module with the rlm_sql_null driver logging to disk.. The module must be configured in the radiusd server before you can use radsqlrelay.



Print usage help information.

-d sql_driver

Driver to use: mysql, pg, oracle.

-b database

Name of the database to use.

-f file

Read password from file, instead of command line.

-h host

Connect to host.

-u user

User for login.

-P port

Port number to use for connection.

-p password

Password to use when connecting to server.


One-shot mode: push the file to database and exit.


Turn on debugging.


The pathname of the SQL logfile to use.


Oracle driver

The command "radsqlrelay -d oracle -b db.domain.tld sql-relay" reads the database description stored in $TNS_ADMIN/tnsnames.ora:

db.domain.tld =
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = db.domain.tld)(PORT = 1521))


Nicolas Baradakis <nicolas.baradakis@cegetel.net>


19 June 2005 FreeRADIUS helper program