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radcrypt - Man Page

generate password hash for use with radius, or validates a password hash


radcrypt [-d|--des] [-m|--md5] [-c|--check] plaintext_password [hashed_password]


radcrypt generates a hashed digest of a plaintext password, or can validate if a password hash matches a plaintext password. DES and MD5 hashes are currently supported. When generating a password hash a random salt is generated and applied.

A hashed password can be validated by specifying -c or --check and passing hashed_password after plaintext_password on the command line. In this case hashed_password will be checked to see if it matches plaintext_password. If so "Password OK" will be printed and the exit status will be 1, otherwise "Password BAD" will be printed and exit status will be 0 (Note this is the opposite of a normal successful shell status).


-d --des

Use a DES (Data Encryption Standard) hash (default). Ignored if performing a password check.

-m --md5

Use a MD5 (Message Digest 5) hash. Ignored if performing a password check.

-c --check

Perform a validation check on a password hash to verify if it matches the plantext password.


$ radcrypt foobar
$ radcrypt -c foobar HaX0xn7Qy650Q
Password OK

See Also

radiusd(8), crypt(3)


Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron-office.nl>