queuelat - Man Page

Queue latency test program


queuelat [-h] [-m max-queue-len] [-c cycles-per-packet] [-p mpps] [-f tsc-freq] [-t timeout]


queuelat simulates a network queue checking for latency violations in packet processing.


A summary of options is included below.


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-m max-queue-len

Maximum allowed latency, in nanoseconds. If latency to process
any packet exceeds this value, the program quits, writing
a message to the trace buffer.

-c cycles-per-packet

Estimated number of cycles it takes to process one packet.
This value should come from the envisioned packet
forwarding application being simulated.

-p mpps

Million packets per second that arrive for processing.

-f tsc-freq-mhz

TSC frequency in MHz.

-t timeout

Timeout in seconds to quit the program.

-q min_queue_len_to_print_trace

Minimum queue length to print in the trace


queuelat was written by Marcelo Tosatti <mtosatti@redhat.com>


Sept 3, 2018