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qstop - Man Page

stop pbs batch job processing at a destination


qstop destination ...


The qstop command directs that a destination should stop processing batch jobs. If the destination is a execution queue, the server will cease scheduling jobs that reside in the queue for execution.  If the destination is a routing queue, the server will cease routing jobs from that queue.

In order to execute qstop, the user must have PBS Operation or Manager privilege.


The qstop command accepts one or more destination operands.  The operands are one of three forms:


If queue is specified, the request is to stop that queue at the default server. If the @server form is given, the request is to stop all the queues at that server. If a full destination identifier, queue@server, is given, the request is to stop the named queue at the named server.

Standard Error

The qstop command will write a diagnostic message to standard error for each error occurrence.

Exit Status

Upon successful processing of all the operands presented to the qstop command, the exit status will be a value of zero.

If the qstop command fails to process any operand, the command exits with a value greater than zero.

See Also

pbs_server(8B), qstart(8B), and qmgr(1B)


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