qotdd - Man Page

A daemon to provide an interesting quote every day.


qotdd [OPTION]...

qotdd [--help | --version]


QOTD (quote of the day) is specified in RFC 865 as a way of broadcasting a quote to users. On both TCP and UDP, port 17 is officially reserved for this purpose. qotdd(8) is meant to provide a simple QOTD daemon on IPv4 and/or IPv6 on either TCP or UDP.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

-f,  --foreground

Do not fork, but run in the foreground.

-c,  --config config-file

Specify an alternate configuration file location. The default is at `/etc/qotd.conf'. (Overrides a previous -c or -N option)

-N,  --noconfig

Do not read from a configuration file, but use the default options instead. (Overrides a previous -c option)


Disable strict configuration parsing. Without this option, the daemon will perform security checks on input files. Be aware that using this option makes the program vulnerable to confused deputy attacks.

For more information on the following three options, see qotd.conf(5):
-P,  --pidfile pidfile

Override the pidfile name given in the configuration file with the given file instead.

-s,  --quotes quotes-file

Override the quotes file given in the configuration file with the given file instead.

-j,  --journal journal-file

Overrides the journal file given in the configuration file with the given file instead.

-4,  --ipv4

Only listen on IPv4. The default behavior is to listen on both IPv4 and IPv6.

-6,  --ipv6

Only listen on IPv6.

-t,  --tcp

Use TCP instead of UDP. This is the default behavior.

-u,  --udp

Use UDP instead of TCP. (Not fully implemented yet)

-q,  --quiet

Only output error messages. This is the same as using `--journal /dev/null'.


List all options and what they do.


Print the version and some basic license information.

Return Codes

qotdd has the following return codes:




general error


invalid arguments


invalid configuration file or settings


failed a security check


out of memory


I/O or network error


SIGSEGV or SIGINT killed the process


unsupported operation


internal error

See Also

qotd.conf(5), telnet(1), netcat(1)


Ammon Smith (ammon.i.smith@gmail.com)

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2016-01-29 qotd 0.11.1 System Manager's Manual