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qb-blackbox - Man Page

Display "flight data" from the "blackbox".


qb-blackbox [blackbox-file...]


qb-blackbox prints out the logs (including debug logs) that were recorded using libqb's blackbox mechanism.

Portability notes

Due to variations amongst platforms, some of which directly impact the libqb's blackbox format handling (e.g. page size), there's currently only the commitment that qb-blackbox shall decode the blackbox files recorded at the same platform (plus the same page size) while using libqb compiled with the same relevant compile-time options (e.g. USE_CACHE_LINE_ALIGNMENT) as linked to this decoder. Otherwise, your mileage may vary.


Get info to help developers diagnose a crash.

$ qb-blackbox /var/lib/corosync/fdata
Dumping the contents of /var/lib/corosync/fdata
Mar 23 20:58:57 message_handler_orf_token():3677 install seq 0 aru 0 high seq received 0
Mar 23 20:58:57 message_handler_orf_token():3696 retrans flag count 4 token aru 0 install seq 0 aru 0 0
Mar 23 20:58:57 old_ring_state_reset():1487 Resetting old ring state
Mar 23 20:58:57 deliver_messages_from_recovery_to_regular():1693 recovery to regular 1-0
Mar 23 20:58:57 memb_state_operational_enter():1779 Delivering to app 1 to 0
Mar 23 20:58:57 sync_abort():594 ENTERING sync_abort()
Mar 23 20:58:57 sync_save_transitional():586 ENTERING sync_save_transitional()
Mar 23 20:58:57 member_object_joined():301 Member joined: r(0) ip(
Mar 23 20:58:57 sync_abort():594 ENTERING sync_abort()

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