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qatmgr — QAT resource manager



qatmgr [option]...


qatmgr is a daemon that manages QAT resources for the Intel© Quick Assist Technology (Intel© QAT) user space library (qatlib).


-d, --debug=LEVEL

set debug level, default 0 for no debug. Higher debug level produces more output.

-f,  --foreground

run in the foreground. By default, the qatmgr runs as a daemon in the background.

-h,  --help

display help page

-p, --policy=POLICY

selects the QAT manager policy. This determines how resources should be allocated to each process using the qatlib library. The default POLICY 0 allocates one virtual function (VF) from each physical function (PF) endpoint to each process. This should be selected for best performance. A POLICY of 1 allocates a single VF to each process. This should be selected for maximum scalability. Any other POLICY value allocates that number of VFs to each process.

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