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Name — QAT resource initializer


Description initializes the Intel© Quick Assist Technology (Intel© QAT) devices in preparation for use by the user space library (qatlib).

When run on a host system with physical function (PF) QAT devices visible and bound to the QAT device driver, the script will enable sriov on each of the PF devices. This enables the virtual function (VF) devices.

For each of the QAT VF devices, the binds the device to the vfio-pci device driver, making it available for applications using the qatlib user space library.

Environment Variables

LKCF_LIST if set, gives a list of VF devices that should be used for accelerating operations from the Linux crypto framework instead of being available for user space applications.


LKCF_LIST="0000:3d:01.0 0000:3f:01.0 0000:da:01.0"

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