pppoe-stop - Man Page

Shell script to shut down a PPPoE link


pppoe-stop [config_file]


pppoe-stop is a shell script which stops the RP-PPPoE user-space PPPoE client.  If you omit config_file, the default file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 is used.


pppoe-stop was written by Dianne Skoll <dianne@skoll.ca>

The pppoe home page is https://dianne.skoll.ca/projects/rp-pppoe/.

See Also

pppoe(8), pppoe-start(8), pppoe-connect(8), pppd(8), pppoe.conf(5), pppoe-setup(8), pppoe-status(8), pppoe-sniff(8), pppoe-relay(8), pppoe-server(8)

Referenced By

pppoe(8), pppoe.conf(5), pppoe-connect(8), pppoe-relay(8), pppoe-server(8), pppoe-setup(8), pppoe-sniff(8), pppoe-start(8), pppoe-status(8).

The man page adsl-stop(8) is an alias of pppoe-stop(8).

21 February 2000