popper man page

popper — POP3 server


popper [-k] [-a plaintext|otp|sasl] [-t file] [-T seconds] [-d] [-i] [-p port] [--address-log=file]


popper serves mail via the Post Office Protocol. Supported options include:

-a plaintext|otp|sasl
Tells popper which authentication mode is acceptable, sasl enables SASL (RFC2222), and otp enables OTP (RFC1938) authentication. Both disable plaintext passwords.
Logs the addresses (along with a timestamp) of all clients to the specified file. This can be used to implement POP-before-SMTP authentication.
Enables more verbose log messages.
When not started by inetd, this flag tells popper that it has to create a socket by itself.
Tells popper to use Kerberos for authentication. This is the traditional way of doing Kerberos authentication, and is normally done on a separate port (as it doesn't follow RFC1939), and should be used instead of using SASL.
-p port
Port to listen to, in combination with -i.
-t file
Trace all commands to file.
-T seconds
Set timeout to something other than the default of 120 seconds.

See Also

push(8), movemail(8)


RFC1939 (Post Office Protocol - Version 3)


The server was initially developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

Many changes have been made as part of the KTH Kerberos distributions.

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Explore man page connections for popper(8).

July 14, 2004