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pollrcvd.8c - Man Page

HylaFAX program for delivering facsimile received by polling


/var/spool/hylafax/bin/pollrcvd mailaddr faxfile devid commid error-msg


bin/pollrcvd is the program invoked by the HylaFAX server whenever a facsimile is received as a result of a polling operation. It is designed to be customizable by the administrator.  (Ideally this is done by creating a customized pollrcvd program in a different filename or by copying the default program to a different filename, customizing that new file, and then using PollRcvdCmd in the modem config file to point faxgetty(8C) at the customized program.  See hylafax-config(5F).)

The default program uses electronic mail to deliver the facsimile to the user that submitted the poll request. The arguments are:


the electronic mail address of the user that submitted the poll request.


the pathname of the received TIFF file relative to the root of the spooling hierarchy.


The communication identifier associated with the call (used to include a transcript when an error occurs).


the modem device on which the document was received.


an error message that is non-null if an error was encountered during the receive operation.


The default program delivers facsimile as PostScript wrapped in MIME. This program can be customized for the intended receipient. To do this create a shell script etc/PollDispatch in the spooling area that sets


controls the blind copy recipient of the received fax notification.  It is given as an e-mail address.


controls the copy recipient of the received fax notification.  It is given as an e-mail address.


controls the localization of the text of the received poll notification.


controls the filetype of the image attachment.  Current filetype options are “ps”, “tif”, and “pdf”. Multiple values may be specified by separating them with whitespace. In that case a separate attachment is created for each filetype.


/var/spool/hylafaxspooling area
/usr/sbin/faxinfofor printing information about the facsimile
/usr/bin/fax2psfor converting TIFF to PostScript
/usr/sbin/sendmailfor delivering mail

See Also

faxq(8C), hylafax-server(5F), recvq(5F)


May 12, 1996