pingd - Man Page

node up/down monitoring daemon


pingd [Options]


The pingd daemon regularly sends out ICMP pings to determine if nodes are still up or down.

The pingd daemon can be configured using the pingd configuration file.  Nodes which should be pinged may also be configured via loadable modules.

See the pingd.conf(5) manpage for additional information.


-h,  --help

Output help

-v,  --version

Output version

Clusterlist Modules

The pingd daemon nodes to ping can also be configured with a clusterlist module. The clusterlist module can obtain a list of all cluster nodes.  There are several possible clusterlist formats that can be parsed.  By default, the following clusterlist modules are searched for by pingd in the following order:

genders - Uses a genders database and the genders library to determine all nodes in the cluster.  See

hostsfile - Uses a file that lists the hostname of every node in the cluster on a separate line.  The default hostsfile is /etc/hostsfile.

If none of the above are found, nodes must be configured via the pingd configuration file.





Developed by Albert Chu <> on LLNL's Linux clusters.

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Referenced By

libnodeupdown(3), pingd.conf(5), pingd_selinux(8).

May 2005 pingd 1.14