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phoenixcontact_modbus - Man Page

Driver for Phoenix Contact


phoenixcontact_modbus -h

phoenixcontact_modbus -a DEVICE_NAME [OPTIONS]


This man page only documents the hardware-specific features of the phoenixcontact_modbus driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8).

Supported Hardware

This driver should support the PhoenixContact QUINT-UPS industrial DC UPS, model 2320461 and all compatible models. More information about this UPS can be found here: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/online/portal/us?uri=pxc-oc-itemdetail:pid=2320461

phoenixcontact_modbus uses the libmodbus project, for Modbus implementation.

How to Configure the Ups

Note: this UPS and its manual refers to Low-Batt as "Shutdown Event".

You need the "IFS-RS232-DATACABLE" to communicate with the UPS in Linux as the IFS-USB cable doesn’t seem to be supported. FYI communication parameters are: 115200,E,8,1.

You also need the UPS-CONF Windows software (free; download from their site), to configure the UPS signals and timers.

  1. Run the UPS-CONF
  2. Go to Settings→Time Setting
  3. Choose "state of charge shutdown delay"
  4. Choose Remote starts PC-Shutdown in Mains and Battery mode
  5. On the PC-Shutdown enter the maximum value (5 minutes)
  6. On the PC-Restart delay enter the time you want the UPS to leave the output power off before restarting (e.g. 60 seconds), after mains power is restored.
  7. On the UPS, turn the screw to the "PC-MODE" position

Configuring the above way ensures that:

Meaning of settings:

Extra Arguments

This driver doesn’t support any optional settings.


This driver is not built by default. You can build it by installing libmodbus and running configure --with-modbus=yes.

You also need to give proper permissions on the local serial device file (/dev/ttyS0 for example) to allow the NUT user to access it.

Instant Commands

This driver doesn’t support any instant commands.


Spiros Ioannou <sivann@gmail.com>

See Also

The core driver


Internet resources

Referenced By

nutupsdrv(8), upsd(8).

04/02/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2 NUT Manual