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pcs_snmp_agent - Man Page

a SNMP agent providing data about a corosync/pacemaker cluster


pcs_snmp_agent is a SNMP agent which connects to the master agent (snmpd) via agentx protocol and provides information about a corosync/pacemaker cluster.


pcs_snmp_agent doesn't work as a standalone agent. It only provides data to a master agent. To configure a snmpd daemon (from package net-snmp) as the master agent, add line 'master agentx' into the snmpd configuration file (see snmp.conf(5)). Then master agent has to be configured to accepts requests for pcs defined MIBs. This can be done by adding line 'view systemview included .' into the snmpd config file.

Mib Data Versions


Provides basic information about cluster such as cluster name, list of cluster nodes and list of primitive resources.



Set to true for advanced debugging information.


Time interval in seconds after which agent will update provided data.

See Also

pcs(8) pcsd(8)

snmpd(8) snmp.conf(5)

Referenced By

pcs(8), pcsd(8).

2024-01-05 pcs-snmp 0.11.7 System Administration Utilities