pam_ssh_add - Man Page

PAM module to auto load ssh keys into an agent


pam_ssh_add provides authentication and session modules that allow users to start their session with a running ssh-agent with as many ssh keys loaded as possible.

If used, the authentication module simply stores the authentication token for later use by the session module. Because this module performs no actual authentication it returns PAM_CRED_INSUFFICIENT on success and should always be accompanied by an actual authentication module in your pam configuration.

By default the session module will start a new ssh-agent and run ssh-add, loading any keys that exist in the default path for the newly logged in user. If any keys prompt for a password, and a authentication token was successfully stored, that token will be provided as the password.



This option will turn on debug logging to syslog.


        auth     required
        auth     optional
        session  optional


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