oscap-chroot - Man Page

Tool for offline SCAP evaluation of filesystems mounted at arbitrary paths.


oscap-chroot runs oscap tool on it in a filesystem mounted at given path.

Usage of the tool mimics usage and options of oscap(8) tool.


Evaluation of XCCDF content

$ oscap-chroot CHROOT_PATH xccdf eval [options] INPUT_CONTENT

supported oscap xccdf eval options are:
 --cpe (external OVAL dependencies are not supported yet!)

Evaluation of OVAL content

$ oscap-chroot image CHROOT_PATH oval eval [options] INPUT_CONTENT

supported oscap oval eval options are:

Collection of OVAL System Characteristic

$ oscap-chroot CHROOT_PATH oval collect [options] INPUT_CONTENT

supported oscap oval collect options are:

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs using https://github.com/OpenSCAP/openscap/issues


Martin Preisler <mpreisle@redhat.com>


February 2016 Red Hat, Inc. System Administration Utilities