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openrc-init ā€” the parent of all processes




openrc-init is an init process which can be an alternative to sysvinit or any other init process.

To use openrc-init configure your boot loader to invoke it or symlink it to /sbin/init. Also, you will need to use openrc-shutdown(8), to halt, reboot or poweroff the system.

The default runlevel is read from the init command line, the rc_default_runlevel setting in rc.conf, the kernel command line, or it is assumed to be "default" if it is not set in any of these places.

openrc-init doesn't manage getty's directly, so you will need to manage them another way. For example, you can use the agetty service script as described in in this distribution.


This was first released as part of OpenRC 0.25. I do not know of any specific issues. However, since this is the first release of openrc-init, please test and report any issues you find.

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April 6, 2017