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ods-enforcer - Man Page

OpenDNSSEC enforcer Engine client


ods-enforcer help  | start | stop | reload | running
ods-enforcer queue | flush | signconf | enforce | verbosity <number>
ods-enforcer update conf | repositorylist | all
ods-enforcer policy list | export | import | purge | resalt
ods-enforcer zone list | add | delete | set-policy
ods-enforcer zonelist export | import
ods-enforcer key list | export | import | ds-submit | ds-seen | ds-retract | ds-gone | generate | purge | rollover
ods-enforcer backup list | prepare | commit | rollback
ods-enforcer rollover list
ods-enforcer repository list
ods-enforcer help [COMMAND]


ods-enforcer is part of the OpenDNSSEC software. With this tool, you can send commands to the enforcer engine daemon. ods-enforcer manages the operation of the KASP Enforcer, which is the part of OpenDNSSEC that triggers key generation and signing operations on domains based on policies with user-defined timing and security requirements. Among the functions of ods-enforcer are key management, import to the zone list and manually rolling keys to recover from exceptional situations like key loss. The following sections discuss the subcommands.

For more information, go to http://www.opendnssec.org and visit the Documentation page.

Generic Options


Show a brief list of commands.


Start the engine and the process.


Stop the engine and terminate the process.


Reload the engine.


Return acknowledgment that the engine is running.


Set verbosity to the given number.

Scheduling Options


queue shows all scheduled tasks with their time of the earliest executions, as well as all tasks currently being processed.


Execute all scheduled tasks immediately.


Force the enforcer to run once for every zone.

Signconf and Update Subcommands


Force write of signer configuration files for all zones.

update conf

Update the configuration from conf.xml and reload the enforcer.

update repository list

List repositories.

update all

Perform policy import, zonelist import, and update repository list.

Policy Administration Subcommnads

policy list

List all policies in the database.

policy export (--policy <policy> | --all)

Export a specified policy or all of them from the database.

policy import

Import policies from kasp.xml into the enforcer database.

policy purge

This command will remove any policies from the database which have no associated zones. Use with caution.

policy resalt

Generate new NSEC3 salts for policies that have salts older than the resalt duration.

Zone Management Subcommands

zone list

List all zones currently in the database.

zone add --zone <zone> [--policy <policy>] [--signerconf <path>] [--in-type <type>] [--input <path>] [--out-type <type>] [--output <path>] [--xml] [--suspend]

Add a new zone to the enforcer database.

zone delete (--zone <zone> | --all [--xml])

Delete a zone or all of zones from the enforcer database.

zone set-policy --zone <zone> --policy <policy> [--xml]

Change the policy for a zone in the enforcer database.

zonelist export

Export list of zones from the database to the zonelist.xml file.

zonelist import [--remove-missing-zones] [--file <absolute path>]

Import zones from zonelist.xml into the enforcer database.

Key Management Subcommands

key list [--verbose] [--debug] [--full] [--parsable] [--zone] [--keystate] [--all]

List information about keys in all zones, or in a particular zone from the database.

key export (--zone <zone> | --all) [--keystate <state>] [--keytype <type>] [--ds]

Export DNSKEY(s) for a given zone/all from the database.

key import --cka_id <CKA_ID> --repository <repository> --zone <zone> --bits <size> --algorithm <algorithm> --keystate <state> --keytype <type> --inception_time <time>

Add a key which was created outside of the OpenDNSSEC code into the enforcer database.

key ds-submit --zone <zone> (--keytag <keytag> | --cka_id <CKA_ID>)

Issue a ds-submit to the enforcer for a KSK.

key ds-seen --zone <zone> (--keytag <keytag> | --cka_id <CKA_ID>)

Issue a ds-seen to the enforcer for a KSK.

key ds-seen --all

Issue a ds-seen for all ready (for ds-seen) KSKs. This command indicates to OpenDNSSEC that a submitted DS record has appeared in the parent zone, and thereby trigger the completion of a KSK rollover.

key ds-retract --zone <zone> (--keytag <keytag> | --cka_id <CKA_ID>)

Issue a ds-retract to the enforcer for a KSK.

key ds-gone --zone <zone> (--keytag <keytag> | --cka_id <CKA_ID>)

Issue a ds-gone to the enforcer for a KSK.

key generate --duration <duration> (--policy <policy> | --all)

Pre-generate keys for all or a given policy, the duration to pre-generate for can be specified or otherwise its taken from the conf.xml.

key purge (--policy <policy> | --zone <zone> | --delete)

This command will remove keys from the database and HSM that are dead. If the --delete (or -d) flag is given, the keys are also purged from the HSM. Keys are always purged from the HSM if the <Purge>  

key rollover (--zone <zone> | --policy <policy>) [--keytype <keytype> | --all]

Start a key rollover of the desired type *now* or all of them. The process is the same as for the scheduled automated rollovers however it does not wait for the keys lifetime to expire before rolling. The next rollover is due after the newest key aged passed its lifetime.

rollover list [--zone <zone>]

List the expected dates and times of upcoming rollovers. This can be used to get an idea of upcoming works.

Repository and Backup Subcommands

backup list --repository <repository>

Enumerate backup status of keys.

backup prepare --repository <repository>

Flag the keys found in all configured HSMs as to be backed up.

backup commit --repository <repository>

Mark flagged keys found in all configured HSMs as backed up.

backup rollback --repository <repository>
repository list

List repositories.



The main configuration file for OpenDNSSEC.


The list of zones as defined in conf.xml. This list is used during 'zonelist import'.


The configuration of policies that define timing and security, as defined in conf.xml.


The location that is usually configured in conf.xml which contains unsigned zones.


The location that is usually configured in conf.xml which contains signed zones.


will log all the problems via stderr.

See Also

ods-control(8), ods-enforcerd(8), ods-signerd(8), ods-signer(8), ods-kasp(5), ods-kaspcheck(1), ods-timing(5), ods-hsmspeed(1), ods-hsmutil(1), opendnssec(7), http://www.opendnssec.org/


ods-enforcer was written by NLnet Labs as part of the OpenDNSSEC project.

Referenced By

ods-control(8), ods-enforcerd(8), ods-enforcer-db-setup(8), ods-hsmspeed(1), ods-hsmutil(1), ods-kasp(5), ods-kaspcheck(1), ods-signerd(8), ods-timing(5), opendnssec(7).

April 2016 OpenDNSSEC ods-enforcer