ocpasswd - Man Page

OpenConnect server password utility


ocpasswd [--option-name[=value]] [´username´]


This program is openconnect password (ocpasswd) utility. It allows the generation and handling of a ´plain´ password file used by ocserv.


-c,  --passwd=FILE:

Specify the password file to use. Only useful when not using the default location.

-g,  --group:

Specify the user´s group name. Note that groups of one character such as ´*´ and ´x´, are ignored.

-d,  --delete:

Deletes the specified user from the password file.

-l,  --lock:

Prevents the specified user from logging in by locking its password.

-u,  --unlock:

Re-enables login for the specified user by unlocking its password.

-h,  --help:

Display usage information and exit.

-v,  --version:

Output version of program and exit.

Exit Status


Successful program execution.


The operation failed or the command syntax was not valid.


The password format of ocpasswd is as follows.


The crypt(3) encoding is used for the encoded-password.


Adding a user

$ ocpasswd -c ocpasswd my_username

Locking a user

$ ocpasswd -c ocpasswd -l my_username

Unlocking a user

$ ocpasswd -c ocpasswd -u my_username


Written by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos. Many people have contributed to it.

Reporting Bugs

Issue tracker: https://gitlab.com/openconnect/ocserv/-/issues

See Also

ocserv(8), occtl(8)

Referenced By

occtl(8), ocserv(8).

January 2024