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occtl — OpenConnect VPN server control


Openconnect VPN server control (occtl) is a tool to control the ocserv VPN server.


This a control tool that can be used to send commands to ocserv. When called without any arguments the tool can be used interactively, where  each command is entered on a command prompt; alternatively the tool can be called with the command specified as parameter. In the latter case the tool's exit code will reflect the successful execution of the command.


-s file, --socket-file=file

Specify the server's occtl socket file.

This option is only needed if you have multiple servers.

-j, --json

Output will be JSON formatted.

This option can only be used with non-interactive output, e.g., 'occtl --json show users'.

-n, --no-pager

No pager will be used over output data.


Provide more verbose information in some commands.

-h, --help

Display usage information and exit.

-!, --more-help

Pass the extended usage information through a pager.

-v [{v|c|n --version [{v|c|n}]}]

Output version of program and exit.  The default mode is `v', a simple version.  The `c' mode will print copyright information and `n' will print the full copyright notice.

Implementation Notes

This tool uses unix domain sockets to connect to ocserv.


The tool can be run interactively when run with no arguments. When arguments are given they are interpreted as commands. For example:

$ occtl show users

Any command line arguments to be used as options must precede the command (if any), as shown below.

$ occtl --json show users

Exit Status

One of the following exit values will be returned:


Successful program execution.


The operation failed or the command syntax was not valid.


libopts had an internal operational error.  Please report it to autogen-users@lists.sourceforge.net.  Thank you.

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Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos


Please send bug reports to: openconnect-devel@lists.infradead.org


This manual page was AutoGen-erated from the occtl option definitions.

Referenced By

ocpasswd(8), ocserv(8).

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