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ntp-ctl - Man Page

management client for the ntpd-rs ntp-daemon process


ntp-ctl validate [-c path]

ntp-ctl status [-f format] [-c path]

ntp-ctl -h

ntp-ctl -v


The ntp-ctl management client allows management of some aspects of the ntpd-rs daemon. Currently the management client only allows displaying the current status of the daemon and validating a configuration file for usage with the daemon.


-c path, --config=path

Path to the configuration file from which the observation socket address will be retrieved. If not specified this defaults to /etc/ntpd-rs/ntp.toml.

-f format, --format=format

The output format for the status command. If not specified this defaults to plain. Alternatively the format prometheus is available to display the output in an OpenMetrics/Prometheus compatible format.

-h,  --help

Display usage instructions.

-v,  --version

Display version information.



Checks if the configuration specified (or /etc/ntpd-rs/ntp.toml by default) is valid.


Returns status information about the current state of the ntp-daemon that the client connects to.

See Also

ntp-daemon(8), ntp-metrics-exporter(8), ntp.toml(5)

Referenced By

ntp-daemon(8), ntp-metrics-exporter(8), ntp.toml(5).

ntpd-rs 1.1.2