nmstate-autoconf - Man Page

A nmstate command line tool to automatically configure the network state using LLDP information


nmstate-autoconf [INTERFACE_NAME] [--dry-run]


nmstate-autoconf is a command line tool that uses libnmstate in order to confgure the network state automatically using LLDP information. This tool is experimental only.

nmstate-autoconf will identify the interfaces connected to a VLAN and unify them in a bond interface.  In addition, a vlan interface will be created in top of the bond.

The bond state will be the following one:

- name: bond50
 type: bond
 state: up
   mode: balance-rr
   - enp4s0
   - enp4s0d1

The host VLAN state will be the following one:

- name: prod-net
 type: vlan
 state: up
   base-iface: bond50
   id: 50

For multiple interface names, use comma to separate them. You can also use patterns for interface names:

* matches everything
? matches any single character
[seq] matches any character in seq
[!seq] matches any character not in seq

For example, to enable LLDP auto configuration on all interfaces starts with eth:

nmstate-autoconf eth\*
# The backslash is required to stop shell expanding '*' to file names.


--dry-run,  -d

Generate the network state that is going to be applied and print it out. It won't apply any changes in the host.


* This tool is experimental only. * It is not possible to configure automatically bond or vlan options.

Bug Reports

Report bugs on nmstate GitHub issues <https://github.com/nmstate/nmstate>.

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