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nl-qdisc-add - Man Page

Manage queueing disciplines


nl-qdisc-add --dev dev --parent id [Options] qdisc-type [QDISC]

nl-qdisc-delete [ --interactive ] [Options]

nl-qdisc-list [Options]


The nl-qdisc tools allow to manage and configure queueing disciplines (qdiscs) in the kernel.


-h or --help

Print help text to console and exit.

-v or --version

Print versioning information to console and exit.

-q or --quiet

Do not print informal notifications about actions taken to the console. By default a short description of each qdisc added/update/deleted will be printed to the console. This option disables this behaviour.

-d or --dev=DEV

Network device the qdisc is attached to.

-p or --parent=ID

Identifier of the parent qdisc/class this qdisc is attached to. The identifier can be specified as classid, name or one of the special values "root" or "ingress".

-i or --id=ID

Identifier of qdisc. It can be specified as classid or name.

nl-qdisc-add Options


Update qdisc if it already exists, otherwise attempting to add a qdisc which already exists will result in an error. This does not include changing the type of the qdisc, use --replace if you wish to do so.


Replace or update qdisc if it already exists. Same behaviour as --update but will completely replace the qdisc if it exists already.


Update an existing qdisc but do not create it if it does not exist.


Update or replace an existing qdisc but do not create it if it does exist.

nl-qdisc-delete Options


The interactive mode requires confirmation by the user for each qdisc deleted. It will print a prompt for each qdisc matching the provided filter and requires the user to answer 'y'es or 'n'o.


Make the default answer for interactive prompts be 'y'es. This option is also required to delete all qdiscs on all network devices.

-k or --kind=TYPE

Only delete qdiscs of this type.

nl-qdisc-list Options


Show detailed information for each qdisc listed.


Show statistics information for each qdisc listed. This option will also turn on detailed information automatically.

-r or --recursive

List all TC objects recurisvely attached to all qdiscs matching the filter.

-k or --kind=TYPE

Only list qdiscs of this type.


Add a HTB root qdisc with id "5:":

nl-qdisc-add --dev eth0 --parent root --id 5: htb

List all qdiscs on eth0 and print statistical data:

nl-qdisc-list --stats --dev eth0

Delete the qdisc "5:":

nl-qdisc-delete --id 5:

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Thomas Graf is the original author and current maintainer of libnl and libnl tools. Many people have contributed to it since.

Referenced By

The man pages nl-qdisc-delete(8) and nl-qdisc-list(8) are aliases of nl-qdisc-add(8).

21 October 2010 libnl